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Battle of Nevada
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US National Guards landed in Nevada Suburb, seconds before being ambushed by Russian forces.

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Nevada, United States of America


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The Battle of Nevada was a battle fought during World War III that took place during the events of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Defiance. After the Alaskan battle was lost for them, the Russian Army then moved on in deep inside U.S. territory. Their main objective in Nevada was to secure the Hoover Dam and pour thousands of troops into Arizona and beyond. The first part of the battle took place in a Nevada suburban town under heavy Russian attack. The National Guard took numerous losses during this fight, but managed to push Russian forces back to a chokepoint in a valley pass close to the Hoover Dam. From this point, the Russian armor made a dash for the Hoover Dam to put heavy guns for the fight, but the National Guard halted the Russian advance.

The last phase of the battle was to secure the Hoover Dam. The Russians rigged both sides to detonate on the power generators and, if successful, the states of Arizona and Nevada would lose all power, effectively rendering them defenseless. Although the initial approach by SFSG forces was hampered by heavy defenses, they managed to clear the outer defenses and move in. After clearing out the interior of the dam, SFSG defused one charge in the power supply for Nevada, but as they tried to defuse the charge for Arizona, it detonated, completely knocking out power for Arizona.

Despite this setback, the National Guard held their ground and halted the Russian advance in the western United States.