Daniel Middleton
Nickname(s) DanTDM Or Simply TDM
Appears in Minecraft Modern Infantry Warfare
Rank 1st Liutenant
Affiliations UKSF And SAS
Nationality British
Status K.I.A
Killed By Aiden With IMI Desert Eagle
Birth Unknown Years
Sex Male
Height 900
Weight 100
Build Good
Hair Brown
Eyes Black
Race Caucasian
Death May 6 2020
Weapon MP5 G36C BOS14 M4A1 M16A1 M16A4
Equipment Diamond Minecraft Diamond Sword
Timeline MCMIW Timelime
Voice Actor Daniel Middleton
Level Appears Only In Act 1 Revengence Levels
— DanTDM US Armed Forces And USMC Operatives During Endgame.

Daniel Middleton Is A SAS Operative And A Real Life British YouTuber Who Always Drives AlongSide With US Armed Forces And USMC Operatives

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