Federal Republic Of Germany
1200px-Flag of Germany.svg
Flag Of Germany
Music National Anthem Of Germany
Leader(s) Angela Merkel
Appears in Nerf Wars
Country Germany
Type German Special Forces
Engagements Great World War 3
Active Active
Level Mentioned Only And Appears In Serveral Levels

Germany Is The Second Populated Country In Europe


Roman Germany

The Senate And People's Republic Of Rome Took Over Germany

Germany Under Frankish Rule

After The Fall Of Senate And People's Republic Of Rome Frankish Peoples Took Over Germany

Holy Roman Empire

After the death of Frankish king Pepin the Short in 768, his oldest son "Charlemagne" ("Charles the Great") consolidated his power over and expanded the Kingdom. In 773-74, Charlemagne ended 200 years of Royal Lombard rule with the Siege of Pavia, and installed himself as King of the Lombards and loyal Frankish nobles replaced the old Lombard elite following a rebellion in 776.[35] The next 30 years of his reign were spent ruthlessly strengthening his power in Francia and conquering the territories of all west Germanic peoples, including the Saxons and the Baiuvarii (Bavarians).

Investiture Controversy And Islamic Conquest