Joint Task Force Special Operations Unit
The official emblem of Joint Task Force Special Operations Unit
Music Hans Zimmer - Chain Of Command
Leader(s) Henry Blackburn
Appears in Killzone Meets Roblox
Country Canada France The United States
Type Task Force Operators
Engagements Second Meme War The Third Meme War Vektan Civil War Forth Meme War
Active Active
Motto Show No Mercy Have No Mercy
Level Hailstorm, Black Death, Fort Benning Training Grounds, The End Of My Life, Final Storm, Final Assualt,
Announcer Henry Blackburn (Gideon Emery)

For Its Predecessor Of The JTF Shadow Ops Unit, see GIGN Knights.
"Welcome To The Joint Task Force Shadow Operations Unit. The Best Handpicked Germanic Descendants Warriors And French Operators Of France And Canada. "
— Scolar Visari To Henry Blackburn During Fort Benning Traning Grounds.

The Joint Task Force Shadow Operations Unit Is A Multinational Military Task Force Organization Founded By Henry Blackburn In 2219. However They Are Composed Memebers Of Canada And France. Some Notable Memebers Like Carver Willson, Pierre Nick, And Henry Blackburn.


Before The Fall Of The French Republic The GIGN Knights Ordered To Inflitrate The Broadcasting Facility Of SVTFOE. Controversies Reguarding The Show Resulting Civil Disorders In France And Iran Starting The First Meme War