The Story Of Killzone Meets Roblox Was Set On 1095 To End Of The World.

1st Century AD

  • Jesus Is Crucified And The Start Of Christianity Religion


  • Pope Urban The 2nd Was A Christian Preacher That Is Him To Allow For Christian Teachings
  • Alexios Komnenos Wants To Defend The Byzantine Empire From The Seljuks
  • The First Crusades Started
  • Edmund Kills Abu Abazad During The Capturing Of Jerusalem


  • The Second Crusades Start With The Help Of The Iberian Moors
  • Saladin And King Philip The 2nd Dies From Greek Water God Named Posidon


  • Disney XD And Disney Channel Starts Airing Star Vs The Forces Of Evil In Which Case Star Meets Marco And Fells In Love With In The First Episode
  • Controversies Surrounding The Show Causes Civil Disorder In France And Iran Starting The First Meme War


  • The First Meme War Ends With The Rise Of Fandom Community
  • The European Union Surrenders Due To Its Terrifying Human History


  • The Great War Begins Between US And Russia


  • The Foundation Of The Helghast Alliance On Russia
  • Founding Of Helghan Empire In Russia
  • Founding Near Orbital Vanguard Alliance In Western US
  • Founding JTF SOU In Eastern US, France And Canada
  • Founding The Greater Pontus Empire In Iran


  • Auto Founded The Axiom Defense Front Following The Deadly Coup D'Etat
  • Boroko Sundami A Nazi Terrorist Organization Was Found On Germany


  • The Second Meme War Begins
  • Franco-German Conflict Begins
  • Axiom Cold War Begins


  • The Second Meme War Ends


  • Terror Attacks Destroyed The Norwegian Battleship On Pacific Ocean Starting The Third Meme War.


  • The Third Meme War Ends


  • Sans X Frisk Shippers Destroyed The SR1 Normandy Killing Blackburn Resulting In Vektan Civil War


  • The Vektan Civil War Ends


  • Steven X Connie Fanboys And Fangirls Destroyed The SR2 Normandy Resulting The Forth And Final Meme War


  • The Forth Meme War Ends
  • Humanity Is Extinct Forever
  • The Aftermath Of Earth All Resources Were Depleted


  • The Remaining Survivors Escaped Earth


  • The End

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