The Timeline Of Minecraft: Modern Infantry Warfare From 8000 BC To 2098

8000 BC

  • The Eye Of Illuminati Created The Primodial Universe
  • First Human Ethnic Groups Arrived At Menwi
  • First Cave Drawings Appeared On Menwi With Religious Scenes.

6000 BC

  • The Horde Of Exterrestial Life On Jupiter Invaded Menwi
  • The Menwi People Fight Back

5600 BC

  • Beginning Of Egyptian Civilzation

5400 BC

  • Sumerian Civilzation Begins On Southern Iraq
  • The Sumerians Created The Order Of The Stone An Ancient Artifact

5000 BC

  • First Jiahu symbols Appear On China
  • Neolithic Age Of China

4100 BC

  • Uruk Period Begins In Sumer

3200 BC

  • Cyladic Period Begins On Greece

2600 BC

  • Minoan Greece Begins To This Year

2334 BC

  • Akkadian Empire Begins
  • Sumer Declared War Against The Akkadians

1600 BC

  • Mycenaean Greece Begins To This Year

1100 BC

  • Both Minoan And Mycenaean Suffered Heavy Losses Of War Resulting The Bronze Age Collapse

753 BC

  • Romulus Killed Remus And He Founded Rome Beginning The Period Of Roman Kingdom To This Year

678 BC

  • Median Empire Begins On Persia

499 BC

  • First Greco-Persian War Begins

449 BC

  • Alexander The Great And His Massive Greek Army Conquered Middle East

323 BC

  • Alexander The Great Dies

247 BC

  • Following The Death Of Alexander The Great The Parthian Empire Begins To This Date

66 BC

  • The SPQR Waged War Against The Parthian Empire
  • The SPQR Waged War Against The Jewish Rebels

33 AD

  • Jesus Was Crucified At The Cross On The Third Day He Rosed Again

136 AD

  • The Roman-Jewish War Ends To This Date

217 AD

  • The Roman-Parthian War Ends To This Date

330 AD

  • Constantine I Founded Constantinople The Roman Empire Split Into Halves On The East Remaining The Byzantine Empire

476 AD

  • Germanic Peoples Finnaly Invaded Rome And Overthorwn By Ostrogoths The First Civilization To Take Over Rome

1453 AD

  • An Massive Ottoman Army Invaded Costantinople Marks The Ending Of Roman Legacy And The Fall Of Byzantine Empire
  • Constantine XI Died In Battle With Ottomans


  • Franz Ferdinand The Archduke Of Austria Was Assasinated Starting The Great War (World War 1)


  • The Great War Ends To This Date


  • Hitler Overcome And Rise To Power Marks The Beginning Of Nazi Germany


  • 6 Years After Hitler's Rise To Power Was Come To Success
  • Hitler Invaded Poland Starting World War 2


  • The Battle Of Stalingrad Starts To This Year


  • US Forces Deployed On Normandy, France


  • Hitler Suicides And End Of World War 2


  • Marco Diaz And Steven Williams Was Born To This Year


  • Lee Harvey Oswald Assasinated John F Kennedy The Father Of Marco Diaz And Steven Williams
  • Ho Chi Minh Was Responsible For Assasination Of JFK Vietcong And The NVA Started The Vietnam War

Unkown Years Of DanTDM

  • DanTDM (Real Name: Daniel Middleton) Was Born To This Year


  • Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster


  • USSR Collapses Becoming Russia


  • The JFK Brothers Venture Thorough MT. Ebott
  • Steve Accidentally Activated The Rift Generator
  • Star Butterfly Accidentally Fell In Love With Marco Diaz Resulting Steve's Betrayal


  • Aiden An Known Mastermind Terrorist Leader Founded The Ocelots And Blaze Rods And Kidnapped DanTDM
  • Steve And His USMC Forces Gone For A Rescue Mission But The Team Escaped With Dan Leaving Steve Beaten To Death By Aiden


  • On September 11 2001 Al-Qaeda Attacked The Twin Towers The Third Plane Crashed On Pentagon And The Forth Plane Crashed Landed On The Fields
  • George W. Bush The Son Of George H. W. Bush Admits The 9/11 Attacked The Twin Towers War On Terror Has Started


  • The Second Russian Civil War Begins To This Year


  • Zakhaev Airport Massacre Marks The Start Of World War 3



  • Steven Williams Was Implanted With A Computer Chip On His Brain
  • US Invaded Russia For Genociding Unhelpful Citizens Perpetrated By Ocelots An Blaze Rods Starting The Second Russo-American War