Valor: Shadow Of Arms (Or Men Of Valor: Shadow Of Arms) Is A 2018 Upcoming First Person Shooter Adventure Video Game That Is Said To Be The Sequel To Killzone Meets Roblox


After Henry Blackburn Taking Revenge Against Kabul Al-Alfazad And His Bloody Army Of Homeworld Gems, Humanity Is Near To Extinction And Low On Resource They Left Earth To Search For Their New Home For Humanity To Live In Harmony And Peace But Peace Never Lasts Again The Surviving Terrorist Mastermind Commander Viktor "Volk" Khristenko. His Mission To Upload Romantic Fanarts To Hijack A Military Broadcast However. The United Nations Space Alliance Find Volk But Instead He Finds Volks Brother Named Alexi He Order To Find Volk In Planet Deponia A Garbage Like Planet Where Volk Is Making Romatic Fanarts For Military Broadcast Intrusions He Finds Volk Once Again Disappeared